Marble polishing Service

In time Marble floors can deteriorate and become scratched and marked and therefore lose its shine and lustre. Super Bright can bring new life to your marble floor and give a finish that was once unimaginable. Our Technicians are fully trained to delicately clean, refinish and polish your marble floors by removing old stains, surface scratches and therefore restoring the floor to a new beautiful appearance.

Wooden Floor Polishing

A wooden floor can be a stylish feature of any living space, whether you have a contemporary home or a period property, but even this most durable of materials will require some professional care from time to time. Floor Sanding Specialists can complete home wood floor restorations throughout the UAE, which can help to ensure that your favourite feature of your home always remains in the very best condition. Why not contact us today to arrange a free no obligation quotation or survey and learn more our range of services?

Tiles & Grout Cleaning

Super Bright is highly advanced solutions and machinery we can clean your tile and grout to remove any ingrained soiling and revitalise any stained grout lines. The difference in grout and tiles once cleaned is amazing and we are  guarantee to improve the appearance of the area and you will be amazed at the results we can achieve to enhancing your old and tired looking tiles.