Super Bright is highly advanced solutions and machinery we can clean your tile and grout to remove any ingrained soiling and revitalise any stained grout lines. The difference in grout and tiles once cleaned is amazing and we are  guarantee to improve the appearance of the area and you will be amazed at the results we can achieve to enhancing your old and tired looking tiles.


We can apply our cleaning methods to all areas of your home, whether it be tiles laid in your kitchen, conservatory, indoor swimming pool, on your walls or on your bathroom floor.  The process is the same and we guarantee to achieve fantastic results every time.

Step 1 Room Preparation
Due to health and safety rules and regulations we would gratefully ask that all furniture and breakable items are removed from the room.  We will then proceed to protect all skirting boards, units, walls and cupboards using water proof plastic sheeting and low tack tape.

Step 2 Vacuum
We will vacuum the entire area to be treated to ensure all lose sediment and dirt are removed with a high hepa filter commercial vacuum

Step 3 Pre Spray Treatments Image result for tile grout cleaning
After analysing your floor by using our thorough testing procedure, we then apply the appropriate unique non corrosive solution by spray to break down any wax or residue or any embedded soil.  We agitate the solution by using a rotary cleaning machine suitable to the application

Step 4 Clean and Rinse
Using the appropriate pads on the rotary machine we clean and remove any ground in dirt or soil.  We then rinse, wash and sanitise the floor and extract the dirty solution with a high powered wet vacuum system in preparation for the next procedure

Step 5 Sealing and Protection Related image
All ceramic and porcelain tiles normally have a built in sealer to protect the tiles from staining and spillages.    However this protection does not cover the grout lines which are still open to staining and soiling.   With our unique impregnators we can prevent the grout from permanent staining and therefore prolong the life of the grout and avoid the laborious work of having to regrout the entire area.   The impregnators we use are unique in that that are totally invisible and therefore do not leave any residues on the tiles treated.